20 Storeys Down Issue One Review

20 S 2

For weeks now I’ve seen the comic 20 Storeys Down popping up on my Facebook, I guess due to all the other comic related stuff that I follow. I grew more and more curious about it, so I decided to message the creators and ask if they had a promotional copy to send to reviewers. Luckily for me they accepted my cheeky request and here I am giving you a look at the first issue.


This was the image that I was first greeted with on Facebook and I fell in love with it, everything about the art in this one panel made me smile. I’ve visited London a few times in my life and as soon as I saw this it gave me the feeling of being there. Maybe I’m going mad but this is the reason I asked if I could get a look at this comic.


The art work continues in the same style and at the same high level throughout the pages of the first issue. We’re introduced to a character who seems to be a combination of Batman, Drake from the Uncharted series with a Winter Soldier style of clothing.

Things start with said character in his home/hideout he has some sort of associate and despite only a few panels there was a real feel of Batman and Alfred to the pair. All we know to start with is that the main character is seeking some sort of knowledge or perhaps treasure in a lost library.


He makes his way out into the night of London to explore but is distracted by a hijacked tube train. He turns hero and goes after the train to try and help the people on board, he succeeds in stopping the train but seems keen to avoid the police. This is the end of this teasing first issue, it leaves us with a few clues about what’s to come, the lost library along with roman numerals on the floor which our hero seems keen on.


This first issue successfully peaked my interest, I think the dialogue could have been expanded a bit but that’s an unfair thing to judge after just one issue. The art work on the other hand really is beautiful, the panels and story flows really well together and I cannot wait to find out more about the over arcing story and about the main character. Who after exploring the website (click here!) I found out is called Sgt. Jack Tudor. In short this is well worth checking out!


Story/Dialogue – 7/10

Art Work – 9.5/10

Overall Rating 8.5/10

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