Grace(2009) Review



This is a guest piece from Lucas who you can find on twitter @Lucasweatherby

I watched this film on Netflix based purely on the thumbnail. I was in, and hoping for some weird shit. Weird is what I got!

The film starts with a woman (totally disinterested by the way) having sex, with her legs up presumably to get pregnant. The woman’s family is all a bit awkward too as they talk about babies and pregnancies as the woman comes to full term. She’s a hippy vegan, and the family wanted her to go a real hospital rather than the hippy place she gives birth at.
The film gets a bit interesting early once things starts getting weird, leading up to the woman giving birth to a dead baby at a hippy clinic, only for the baby to come back alive once breast fed (it feeds on blood).
For the rest of the film it focuses largely on the mother’s psychological state of mind and the zombie/vampire baby just getting weirder and weirder.
The positives
For a psychological thriller it’s pretty decent with some of the creepy sexual stuff going on, and the film does lead you to question whether what you are seeing is reality in the film or portrayed from one’s imagination, and what was really behind the whole vampire baby thing. This is really the only things that carried my interest through to the end.
The negatives
The baby doll used was pretty bad effects and I was a bit disappointed at the lack of depth to the psychological issues portrayed by the film which it depended on so much. There’s only so far weird stuff in a film can carry the interest for me. The ending still left questions unanswered from the film which really hurt the overall presentation.
Overall I thought the film was quite mild after a decent start and didn’t pick up well enough to be all that scary for a psychological thriller in the horror genre. Plenty of blood, not enough gore, suspense or deaths for me. It really meandered until the film’s big moment as well, unfortunately.
Overall Score

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