Resident Evil Apocalypse (2004) Review


Time to review the second installment of the Resident Evil franchise, not much else to say really. I’ll be hopefully posting a review everyday as I work my way through the films. Most films with this many sequels tend to get worse and worse as they progress, so this is a good chance to see if I feel the Resident Evil films get the same way or not.


Director: Alexander Witt

Budget: $45 million estimated

Run Time: 94 minutes

Tagline: My name is Alice and I remember everything. (There’s a few but this is my favourite)

In case you missed it you can check out my review of the first one by clicking HERE.

Paul W.S. Anderson leaves directing duties and assumes a role as only the writer for this sequel. It carries on straight from where the last one left off and takes the action out of The Hive and into the surrounding town of Raccoon City. Umbrella send a team to investigate The Hive and potentially reopen it, this proves a stupid move as they’re slaughtered by the undead who then make their way into Raccoon City.

We’re soon introduced to Jill Valentine who fans of the game will know. She’s apparently a disgraced cop for releasing information about the outbreak. With the city quarantined by Umbrella the people begin to crowd at a bridge which is the only way out of town, however once some signs of the infection start to show the Umbrella bloke in charges orders everyone shot and they open fire on the civilians.


Alice awakens and due to bonding with the T-Virus has developed super human powers. Jill picks up a couple of survivors and they head to a church where they are attacked. Enter Alice, in spectacular style she dispatches of the mutants and the group make their way out. It’s here that the film develops some meaning, Dr Ashford’s daughter is trapped inside her school. He’s worked for Umbrella and although he’s a bit of a dick he does want his daughter out of the city, so much so that he rejects the chance to be air lifted to safety. He offers a way out to anyone that can find and save his daughter.

This introduces us to Carlos and Nicholai, they head to try and safe Dr Ashford’s daughter. Obviously this ends with both groups merging to try and save the young girl and escape Raccoon City. There’s one major problem though The Nemesis program, Matt from the first film has been mutated into a beast of massive size and deadly killer instinct but most of all he’s obedient.


With Nemesis on their trail it’s a hard task to get out of the city with all the other undead in there as well. Amongst all the seriousness we’re given some light comic relief from L.J who plays the kind of cowardly joker part really well throughout. Whilst the last battle of Alice Vs Nemesis has a pretty predictable outcome it’s still fun to watch.

As with all Resident Evil films the ending is a false ending as they like to tease the next film. This one is no different as Alice is found and wakes up naked although I can’t complain too much about that! But she’s broken out of an Umbrella research facility in a pretty fun way which obviously leads onto the next movie.


The Good

  • I can’t write a review of Resident Evil without mentioning how good Milla Jovovich is as Alice, so she’s good damn good as usual!
  • The addition of Jill Valentine is also a welcome one especially if you’re a fan of the games.
  • Adding in Carlos and L.J gives us a couple more recurring characters and L.J adds some much needed comic relief and surprisingly I didn’t find him annoying.
  • The Nemesis and Alice battle is great.
  • Sure it’s a simple thing to add but having a purpose to escape beyond oh we’re gonna die was a good idea, chasing down and attempting to rescue the Dr’s daughter added and extra dimension to the film.
  • I really liked the make up and effects for Nemesis but I always prefer real over CGI for monsters!
  • Alice’s entrance into the church and the subsequent kills was a really fun scene.
  • Ending leads to another film.


The Bad

  • As usual some of the CGI is a big let down, although not as bad as the first one it’s still poor in places.
  • Why call it Resident Evil Apocalypse, I’d have gone with Resident Evil Nemesis as that’s the main bad guy and the end battle. Although maybe they couldn’t call it that due to the game having that title, who knows.
  • I may be being a bit harsh but I’m not keen on the actress that plays Jill Valentine, sure she’s good to look at but I feel they could have got someone better.

 This is a very worthy sequel to the first film and adds another layer onto the world of Resident Evil, it sets up the sequel really well and introduces some more likable characters. Suffering from the same problems that almost all these films do with the shoddy AI, it’s still not enough to put me off the film. For me this was as good as the first one.

Overall Rating – 7.5/10

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