Clown (2014) Review


This film has always intrigued me ever since I heard about it but for some reason I never got round to watching it. So I changed that and decided now was time to watch an evil clown film, which out of all the generic horror bad guys the clown really has been everything from the very very best to the god awful.

If you don’t already know the premise of this film is simple, an evil suit takes over a man and turns him into a killer clown. The film starts with real estate agent Kent out at a home when his wife Meg phones to tell him the clown won’t make his son Jack’s birthday party. Luckily (or I suppose unluckily) Kent is at a home that’s filled with costumes, in an obviously creepy old chest Kent finds a clown costume so puts it on to keep his son happy. However after the part and the next morning he’s still in the costume, he tries to take it off but he can’t cut it off, the wig has turned into his real hair and even his feet are getting bigger.


The transformation over the film was brilliantly done

He manages to track down a relative of the former owner who knows about the clown costume. He’s played by the always great and often underrated Peter Stormare, problem is there’s only one way to get the costume off and it’s not good for Kent. After this we see Kent get consumed by the costume as he gets more and more evil, turns out there’s two ways to get the costume off and both are quite horrible. We see Meg struggle to decide which of the brutal ways she wants to see this all end, leading to a very decent finale of the film.


Oh look a creepy box, this couldn’t possibly go wrong

The Good

The way the costume consumes Kent is brilliant we slowly see him descend into madness the longer the costume is on. Now this could have been just a simple ‘it’s an evil costume’ story but they added more to it and it really worked out well, there’s a brief run down of the true history of the clown along with some clips of someone else who wore the costume. The acting of Andy Powers as Kent is damn good the more the film goes on the better he gets, although he’s more convincing as an evil clown than he is as a normal person. The effects and make up are all top notch, every injury and death scene looks and feels quite real.


The multicoloured blood was a fantastic touch

The Bad 

Personally the film dragged on a little bit despite being on for 100 minutes at times it feels as if they could shave a few minutes off to make it run better. That’s just a minor thing though and despite the film not being perfect it’s hard to consider anything else as a bad point.

I really enjoyed this film, it reminded me of a werewolf film with clowns, that might sound a bit silly but the film was all about Kent’s transformation into a cloyne which was a demon clown from hundreds of years a go. The way it all disturbs his family life and makes him an outcast as he does things that he wouldn’t normally do is very werewolf film-ish. There’s also a little bit of humour in there, I loved it when the clowns blood was multicoloured instead of red.

Overall Score



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