The Entity aka La Entidad(2015) Review


After checking a list of the films that were shown at last years FrightFest, me and Mrs AcidBurn decided to give this one a go based on the synopsis. We didn’t know that it was Spanish or that it was a found footage film, as I’ve said before I have a soft spot for monster movies and for found footage films. (Edit-Also turns out this film is Peruvian not Spanish!)

Director: Eduardo Schuldt

Writers: Eduardo Schuldt (story), Sandro Ventura (screenplay)

Stars: Rodrigo Falla, Daniella Mendoza, Carlos Casella

Budget: $3 million

Run Time: 80 Minutes

The story is quite a good one, a group of film students decide to make a documentary studying reaction videos. In real life reaction videos crop up quite a bit now showing how the audience reacts to being shown a video sometimes without the people watching them knowing what video it is they are reacting to.

The group of friends are Lucas the nerdy one, Benjamin the one that thinks he’s cool but is really a bit of a dick, Joshua the normal one and his ex-girlfriend Carla. This is a Spanish film and although I’m not from Spain the lads names don’t sound very Spanish to me at all.

They watch their first reaction video but they soon discover that the people reacting to whatever it is they’re watching are all dead. From here they get the help of one of the victims brothers to try and work out what’s going on so he leads them to a cemetery where they find a strange video. At first we don’t see much of the video but after a while we get glimpses of what’s happening, the video is some sort of torture video.


What’s better the Spanish cover or the English language one?

After some investigations into the video the group of students find that the video is cursed. People who watch it end up with a presence following them around until their strange death, which weirdly enough usually features them floating/levitating before being ripped to pieces.

A basic storyline of curses and cheap frights that adds nothing revolutionary to the found footage genre but is immensely watchable. The actors all play their characters well although a couple feel a bit conveniently thrown in as potential victims.


Careful what you watch!

The Good

The whole cursed video/images storyline along with the found footage style means the film has been tagged as The Ring meets Paranormal Activity. Whilst it might seem like a mashing of these two films to some people I thought the story was pretty good especially for this genre of film.

The little effects we did get to see were well executed and the make up of the bloodied victims was spot on as well. The film also featured statues eyes opening and a generally creepy atmosphere throughout which I really loved.

The ending especially the scene before the very last one was special and even though I was enjoying the film a lot up until that moment the last few minutes will make me rate the film a fair bit higher than I would with a different ending.


I quite enjoyed the performance of Carla!

The Bad

There’s a certain effect which involves the victims being flung into the air, floated about or simply levitating, I can understand why it was used but after the first time it kind of became a bit boring. Sure it looked cool but I’d have liked to see something different.

Whilst the actors played their parts quite well I do agree with another review of the film which says at times they were acting rather than being filmed naturally going about their business.

Other than that there’s not a great deal else wrong with the film, it clocks in at under an hour and half, the pacing is great and it is a very watchable found footage film. Finally at the end of a film of this genre I felt satisfied with the movie rather than frustrated, maybe the Spanish are just good at the found footage genre? If you like found footage films this is a must and if you don’t well this is creepy with a fantastic atmosphere created throughout and some decent effects, give it a go.

Overall Score


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